Choosing the type of diamond blade (Continuous Rim, Side-Spoked, Gulleted, etc. – see Making the Cut – Diamond Cutoff Wheels), is important in blade selection, but blade thickness and diamond grit play crucial roles as well.

Choosing the Best Diamond Blade Thickness10 10 v2 2

A blade’s thickness (kerf) is measured at the periphery and includes the plated diamond thickness.

Blade Diameter           Blade Thickness Available

1-1/2” to 4”               1/16”, 3/32″

5” to 7”                      3/32″

8”                              3/32”, 1/8″

10”                            3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32″

12” to 14”                  1/8”, 5/32″

16”                             5/32″

How Blade Thickness Affects Performance

Thinner blades (1/16”) trim slightly faster and produce less dust

Thicker blades (3/32”+) trim slightly slower and produce slightly more dust

With small diameter blades (1-1/2” to 4”), making straight cuts is faster with a 1/16” blade but as more side pressure is applied when making radius/curved cuts, it’s advisable to use a thicker blade (3/32”).

Larger blade diameters 5” to 16” need to be thicker to retain their rigidity to avoid warping.


Choosing the Best Grit for Electroplated Diamond Blades

While there are many diamond grits available, 3 in particular (35/40, 45/50. 60/70) are used in the majority of electroplated diamond blades and tools.

Diamond Grit                Characteristics 

30/35                      Very Rough

Diamond Blade Grit

*35/40*                    *Rough*

When speed of cut is important and a finished, smooth edge is of less importance. This grit will leave small nicks on the edge of gel coated parts (especially if they’re thin). Only recommended on blades 3/32” thick or thicker. If used on 1/16” thick blades, blade life will be greatly reduced.

40/45                      Rough / Medium

*45/50*                    *Medium*

This general purpose grit produces a largely nick-free finish and is recommended in 95% of all blade applications. The exceptions are gel coated or acrylic FRP laminates where a finer grit will be preferred. 45/50 grit offers a good compromise between speed of cut and finish and can also be used on 1/16” thick blades.

50/60                      Medium / Medium Fine

*60/70*                    *Fine*

Recommended for trimming gel coated or acrylic FRP laminates or when a smooth, nick-free edge is important. However, blade life is reduced compared to a 45/50 grit blade.

80/100                    Very Fine

100/120                  Extremely Fine

The right combination of blade type, thickness, and grit can make a big difference in your specific trimming job. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help.