Core Drills

Core Drills

Our core drills are machined from a solid block of metal to ensure they are perfectly concentric. Our standard diamond hole saws are made from bended bi-metal and thus have a seam whereas there is no weld in a core drill. Core drills are fully customizable in terms of diameter, length, thread size, and any extra features you may wish to add to meet your project specifications. Depending on the whether you require diamond or CBN and the grit size, we can get down to relatively tight tolerances when a precise hole is required. In terms of range, to give you an idea, we have made diameters as large as sixteen inches and lengths longer than three feet for some very special customer needs.


Sizes can go from 1/2″ to 16″
Width of diamond: 1/8″ or more depending on request
Corrugated or flat edge
Thread: as requested

holesaws et auto et arbors-A

Not avalaible.

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Video of tools in action

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Product benefits
  • Heat resistant metal
  • Design improving cutting action
  • Most arbors and pilots are compatible
  • We can manufacture this product according to your specifications